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Magdeburg beat Bayern 2

FC Magdeburg continue their good run against teams from or around Munich, beating Bayern’s reserves at the Bayern campus. They are now three games unbeaten and look good.

Bayern vs. Magdeburg: some history

There was a time when the fixture FC Bayern München against 1. FC Magdeburg had the connoisseurs of European click their tongues in anticipation. The European Supercup of 1974 did not happen, alas but Magdeburg and Bayern have some history – not just this season. This season however could become very historical should Magdeburg pull off a great escape à la Fulham during the 2007/08 season. So far the season for Magdeburg against Bayern’s reserves is positive: two matches, six points for Magdeburg, 4:1 goals. While the first match this season in October meant the second win, the return leg was only the seventh of the season for Magdeburg and anything but a win was not acceptable.

From the beginning both teams were at it and initially it was Bayern who looked better, more settled and adapted to the game. Fittingly, it was them with the first chance of the match but the ball was cleared by one of Magdeburg’s two Müllers. Magdeburg could have answered but Conteh missed his chance. His presence during the first half was questionable as he was rarely present in challenges. His speed aside he has little to offer for a professional footballer. However, this weapon worked as it meant, Bayern had to have an eye on him.

If the early phase of the match was marked by nervousness for Magdeburg, they grew into this match and showed grit and determination. These are the adjectives which best describe Magdeburg’s performance. They never let up the pressure, forcing Bayern into errors, alas not making much of it save the two goals. A claim for a penalty was silenced by the referee and he was right as Feldhahn separated Atik from the ball with a fine tackle which only touched the ball. With 35 minutes gone, Magdeburg had their first big chance when Obermair let his right foot do the talking and let fly a rocket from the edge of the box. It went wide but only just. The keeper was rooted to his spot. The lead would have been welcomed and presented a reward for Magdeburg’s effort thus far. It came on the stroke of half-time when Ernst’s cross from the right was well taken by Obermair whose second touch was a perfect pass to Baris Atik. Another two touches later the ball was in the back of the net: Atik needed one touch to accept the pass, turn and shoot with the second touch. About fifteen seconds later the referee blew for half-time.
The second half was similar to the first only that Magdeburg came out better and were present from the whistle. This was now a really good game with speed but no clear cut chances. With a quarter of an hour to go Bayern threw their men forward and almost created a blue print of the first fifteen minutes; this time Magdeburg were sound in defense except once when Oberlin was free on goal but the fingertips of Morten Behrens deflected the ball sufficiently to alter the trajectory of the ball. So much so that it nutmegged Oberlin and the subsequently the ball was cleared. On the other end, Jakubiak went into the box dancing past one defender and while being past the second, was tripped by the very same and milked the situation: penalty. Gjasula took the ball and cooly converted. 2:0. Three points in the bag, a clean sheet and for now outside the relegation zone. This was a good day for Magdeburg. The supporters welcomed the team back with a pyro show.

Magdeburg are now three games unbeaten and clearly have shown that they can play a bit. The pitch at the Bayern campus allowed for a free flowing game, which the one at the home ground does not even in the slightest comes close to. This is an issue that has to be addressed and solved if the club want to stay up since the team can play – they have proven it.

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