Miracles ⋆ An Old International


Football is all about chance, late goals, joy and heart break. There is always a chance an underdog may spring a surprise, in the league as well as in any cup competition.

It happened in Saxony where SC Dresden Weißig played FC Eilenburg in the Saxon Cup. Weißig scored an early goal, setting the tone for the match as Eilenburg, playing in the fourth division always had to chase the game. It was 2:2 with 89 minutes played when Weißig had a free kick awarded.

Near the halfway line you’d expect a long ball towards the corner flag in order to run down the clock and get into extra time. Not on my watch, William Schult thought and aimed for the angle. And hit it, sweetly. The keeper had no chance, did not even move.

It is moments like these that make football so special. One moment, one kick can alter the story of the game and secure a place in football eternity.

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