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At long last!

The fans of 1. FC Magdeburg are a patient bunch. First they had to endure a quarter of a century during which their club played in the nether regions of the German football pyramide, once the club got promoted it took eight games before they recorded their first ever win in Bundesliga 2.

Patience is like bread I say, I ran out of it yesterday.

Evan Dando once sang these famous lines, highlighting that people tend to be impatient. However, patience is a virtue and the supporters of Magdeburg could be forgiven to have run out of it a long time ago. They haven’t. They stood by their club through thick and through thin for the last 28 years, hoping that one day they will be in league 2 and record their first ever win there. And they did, beating SV Sandhausen 1:0 away in a game that was hard to watch according to those were there.

For the first matches, Magdeburg never looked out of their depth, except for the defeat away at Kiel. And maybe in the opening game at home against St. Pauli. It is debatable however, if Pauli really were that much better than Magdeburg. In the other games, Magdeburg escaped luckily by scoring a late equaliser or conceded after going one nil up. These were necessary experiences to be made and only sweetened the victory at Sandhausen.

Bring on October when Dresden and Hamburg come calling.

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