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Under normal circumstances objectivity is the key tone of this blog and any posts that have been published so far. Not this post.

An Apology

My dear readers, I owe you an apology. An apology for not keeping my distance to the subject that I write about: 1. FC Magdeburg, my hometown club. You will understand why this is the case. The club have achieved something historical: they are promoted to the 2. Bundesliga.
I am now 39 years of age and for 25 years I am following this club. It began in 1993 during the darkest period in the club’s history. There followed mini highs and many lows. For the last four years there has been a constant upward trajectory which culminated last Saturday, 21 April 2018, when at 3:54 pm the final whistle of the referee ended the match against Fortuna Köln and let the celebrations begin. What followed was a pitch invasion and a party in the city centre.

I was unfortunate to be on a train en route to Magdeburg but upon reading he news could not stop smiling. Smile I did for days and weeks before that day remembering the days when I went first to see a match of Magdeburg, the first away match, heavy defeats and glorious victories, beating Bayern in the Cup in 2000. All that was constantly there as I eagerly awaited the match on Saturday to begin and more importantly to end it to know for sure that Magdeburg are going up. They do.

It is a historical day for the club, the fans and the city. Almost 30 years after missing out on the 2. Bundesliga the club are there, finally. It has taken them longer than many other clubs from East Germany, the more so they deserve to be where they are now. The experiences are vital and may have played their part, too.

The date 21 April 2018 is a historical date. One long tough process has come to an end, another will start. These are interesting times for being a supporter of FC Magdeburg.

Here’s to the future.


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