Co(a)rse Football: Paris FC - AC Ajaccio ⋆ An Old International

Co(a)rse Football: Paris FC – AC Ajaccio

Paris FC, so far with only one win 11 games this season hosted AC Ajaccio in a freezing evening at Stade Charléty. Ajaccio aimed for a point.

Upon entering the ground, something like atmosphere was audible in this ground. It is always a shame to see a meagre 1000 or 1500 people gathering in a bowl made for 20000. Therefore, atmosphere or that what was thought to be such has to be seen in with a pinch of salt. Three groups of fans made themselves heard: 2 Parisians and 1 from Corsica. The two Parisians situated at opposing ends of the main stand did not attempt a choreographed chant throughout the 90 minutes rather enjoyed their own singing.

The game started slowly. Both teams are not known for possessing the ultimate playing skills, which corresponds with their respective places in the table. Paris FC stay 14th while Ajaccio remain in the relegation zone on 19th position. The first 20 minutes were the most tedious witnessed in a long time by the author. Nothing happened except a free kick from the right for the visitors. The Parisian keeper managed to fist it away and nothing further came off it.

Throughout the first half it appeared as though any chance created happened more by chance or coincidence than a game plan or something larger, a strategy. he biggest chance for the hosts came during injury time at the end of the first half. The last action of the half was a corner from the left and a suddenly the ball fell to a blue shirted Parisian player who whacked it against the post! That was it. The half time tea was a welcome refreshment.

The second half commenced with Ajaccio again with more purpose. However, this was a short lived burst of energy as soon after Paris FC took over but were wasteful in their finish. A quick break via the left side of the pitch saw a striker running with the ball towards goal, his cross found no one in the centre to attempt a conversion of such a perfectly timed cross towards the penalty spot. It almost cost PFC as a few minutes later Ajaccio had their biggest chance as the central defender had all the time in the world to connect to the ball only to shoot over the bar. It was a similar picture on 80 minutes.

The referee did not allow too many challenges; as soon as one player was down the game was interrupted. Moreover, it seemed there were more interruptions due to fouls than any noteworthy highlights. The slippery ground added a comical note to an otherwise sad 90 minutes. Both goalkeepers slipped during a goal kick, the centre forwards slipped and so did the midfielders of either team. In the last 25 minutes or so the match was even more interrupted as both coaches used their substitutes to full extent.

If both teams want to survive in this league, they need to step up significantly. Paris FC looked slightly better but lacked the final pass or precision. Ajaccio tried hard yet ran out of ideas as soon as they approached the penalty area of Paris.


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