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The End of an Era

How to celebrate promotion and leave the fans out of it is what Red Star’s directors thought best at Stade Bauer.


Football is a funny game. There are days/matches when the better team ends up losing and consequently may blow all chances for success. There are occasions when there simply has to be joy, a celebration, a party with fans, players, officials. It feels odd if this does not happen. And yet it happened. And it happened at Red Star FC93 who were crowned champions of the third division in France, secured promotion to Ligue 2 but delivered a celebration that is best described as liveless! Yes, the team celebrated their success and so did the fans. Yet both seemed to have a very different idea of a celebration. The fans’ part was loud, raucous and unruly. However, the club did not allow the crowd onto the pitch after the final whistle but instead tried to keep as wide a gulf as possible between club and fans. Only Samuel Allegro, the iconic captain made its way to the ultra corner to celebrate and get celebrated by and with the fans.

As soon as the match was over, the ground almost immediately fell silent. While the trophy ceremony was prepared any pitch invader was chased by the stewards, regardless if child, adolescent or adult. This was ludicrous! Likewise later on in the V.I.P. area the mood was flat. And that is a polite description of the scenery. It lacked purpose, organization everything. The bar was manned with two people who clearly were overwhelmed by the crowd and the demand. This was made worse by the fact that red wine soon were out, just nothing left.

The Sound of Bauer

Across the road a little pub offered a post match craic including a punk concert by a band called The Sound of Bauer and cheap beer. This was more like it. Understandably the pub was crowded, people stood on the pavement, the street and enjoyed their post match beverages, puffs and chatter. It was clear that this was the hard core of Red Star supporters, those who feel betrayed, rightfully by the city of St. Ouen and the club that they have supported for years.

End of an Era

It was the last game of football for the foreseeable future at the Stade Bauer. The ground is not fit for Ligue 2. This fact made it understandable that the mood was rather reflective or even sad. The fans want to stay at Bauer and made that clear. Their chants and songs stated that they would not go to Stade de France. The club has made an agreement that at least 15 games of next season will be played at the national stadium in nearby St. Denis. Further songs highlighted that there is only one Red Star and it is at the Stade Bauer.

Le Red Star, c’est seulement à Bauer!


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