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Expectation, Anticipation

With most clubs training again and first test matches played, fans across Europe are full with excitement for the new season. A plea to take a step back and relax and recover from a long and strenuous season.

Barely a month has passed since the end of last season and already the majority of football are getting ready for the coming 2015/16 season. For most clubs the holiday break is just three weeks. Time to recharge the batteries and refresh the brain after a long season. With July beginning, all clubs are either in full swing and ready to depart for their training camps or are playing their first test games in order to accommodate the new arrivals. This is important as during the season there will be next to no time to integrate the summer transfers.

Talking about transfers; the media across Europe will further heat up the anticipation of fans. Who will be going where? Who is staying put? Questions that will be with us all summer until the end of August when the current transfer window will fall slam shut. The so-called social media channels will be buzzing with transfer rumours, facts, news breaks to announce departures, new arrivals and even more rumours, leading to a high level of white noise that is best ignored as it appears to change as quick as a swarm of fish change direction and shape in an instant.

In late June or early July most leagues will publish their schedules for the coming season. That further fans up the flames of supporters and their expectation as travel plans are being made. Clubs will learn for which fixtures they can increase the ticket prices for eventual top games.

This is all very good and certainly necessary for some of us. However, it is important to keep a perspective on things. That means, we need not forget that there are still 2 important tournaments going on. The Women’s World Cup will conclude this Sunday as will the Copa America.

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