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For years it has been debated whether or not the European top clubs should form a united Super League in which the best clubs of Europe play each other on a regular basis. It seems this has already been established. The difference, this Super League does not play on a regular football pitch but in a Money League. Each year Deloitte, a financial consulting company compiles a list of the 20 richest football clubs in Europe.


At the top, Real Madrid; they have held the top spot for ten years now – coincidentally, they have won as many European Cups. Just as Real top the table, the Premier League dominates the top 20. No less than eight English clubs are among those chosen few. Interestingly, two new entries Newcastle and Everton are from England. The television deal translates directly into promotion to the Money League. However, both the Magpies and the Toffees are unlikely to win the European Cup.

Interestingly, there is only one club from outside the Top 5 Leagues of Europe: Galatasaray from Istanbul. It underlines the notion that European Football at the top is a closed shop and it is increasingly difficult to break into the top 20, never mention the top 30 or 50.

The report thus further confirms that top football in Europe is already organized in a Super League, albeit in a league dominated by revenue from television, merchandizing and other sources.

Read the full report:

Deloitte Football Money League 2015

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