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Italy: Germany's B

As the quarterfinals at Euro 2012 have come to a close on Sunday night, the semi-final between Italy and Germany will be a chance to get revenge for Jogi L

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  2. Very nice piece Christoph. I think the midfield battle is going to be fascinating. On your side, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Khedira, and Ozil have been outstanding so far. On our side, Pirlo and Marchisio have been superb, but who will play alongside them? De Rossi is slightly injured so perhaps Nocerino and Diamanti will get a start ahead of Montolivo and Thiago Motta. As an Italian, I’m happy that history is on our side, but as a football fan I’m worried about Germany’s momentum. Good luck!
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    • Thanks Peter!

      Indeed history is on Italy’s side but every series comes to an end.

      I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Balotelli. Is he just a ‘King of Comedy’ (R.E.M.) or is he really a good striker? In my opinion Pirlo is the main man to take care of.

      Kroos should get more playing time as Schweinsteiger is not fit and looks increasingly tired.

      Best of luck!

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