The Rise of the Red Dragon

A comment on the debate about players transferring to China.

The January transfer window offers plenty of opportunity to gossip about players who go wherever their agent thinks best for his pockets or how much players, coaches, managers earn here or there. This debate is to a certain extent understandable as gossip is a form of social interaction. It also serves to highlight the most important points in society or among social groups. That money is the most obvious point to talk about and not the state of nation, the media or any other topic indicates that money is an important issue; either because of the lack thereof or simply because it is so easy to talk about other people’s money than about much graver issues.

Go East

The discussion about professional footballers chosing to play in China offers interesting insights into the mindset of journalists and the football establishment. For the economics editor of the Guardian, Larry Elliott, the move of Oscar from Chelsea to Shanghai for

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