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Writing is fun and it should remain that way. For more than five years I have now explored football, culture and history and there is more to come for sure.

I have started this blog in the summer of 2010 with the intention of keeping my English as fluent as possible since I was no longer living in England but needed English on a daily basis and was also undertaking research for a PhD thesis. This has been successful. The thesis has been accepted by DeMontfort University, Leicester and I can now call myself Dr. Wagner. Even better, the thesis is now with a publisher and I am awaiting eagerly their response.

However, having achieved this I practically do not need to continue this blog? Wrong! I do want to continue but I need your help. While still researching for my thesis I could not have envisaged a blog becoming a source of income. And yet, it has happened. It began with a request for paid content from a third party to be included in the blog. For a certain period these were regular features and meant an extra $100 or so. It went as far as this income helped to finance a short holiday in spring 2015. I have stopped this practice as I found the requests becoming ever more stupid and most were not relevant to my blog as these requests consisted of bookmakers odds and transfer rumours. I tend to think that my writing has more longevity than just the next weekend. Finally, people expected to get a piece published for free. Publishing something for free that I am not 100% content with is no longer an option.

I have thought at length about how to earn something from the blog that covers the costs and may allow me to have a beer or two once in a while. A paywall is out of order as this would drive people away immediately. Metered access would be the same I fear. An Old International is not as big as to think that it has the power to convince readers to get over the paywall, metered or not. The attempt to generate income via google adsense is minimal. The current balance is €3.12 and google pay only from €100 onwards. Before the blog reaches this level, something big has to happen. I do use affiliate links to amazon, therefore I would appreciate if you read to the end of the pieces in question and click on the links that will lead you to the biggest bookseller online. This is all nice and important but really does not bring in much money, if any money at all.

Therefore, below you will find several ways of supporting me and An Old International directly.

The easiest way to support is via Steady. There you will find the options that are available. For as little as €1.5 you can start supporting An Old International. The other options are €2.5 and €4, the top option.

Some people find this new technology stuff scary and therefore exists the possibility to transfer money via bank account. Details:

IBAN: DE66 1203 0000 1018 5358 05
Account Holder: Christoph Wagner
Bank: DKB

Any support will be appreciated and I will reach out to you.