Writing is fun and it should remain that way. For more than five years I have now explored football, culture and history and there is more to come for sure. I do not intend to pack it in, quite the opposite.

I have started this blog in the summer of 2010 with the intention of keeping my English as fluent as possible since I was no longer living in England but needed English on a daily basis and was also researching for a PhD thesis. This has been successful. The thesis has been accepted by DeMontfort University, Leicester and I can now call myself Dr. Wagner.

However, having achieved this I practically do not need to continue this blog? Wrong! I do want to continue but I need your help. While still researching for my thesis I could not have envisaged a blog becoming a source of income. And yet, it has happened. It began with a request for paid content from a third party to be included in the blog. For a certain period these were regular features and meant an extra $100 or