September 2017 ⋆ An Old International

I Love You, I Love You Not

Bayern were outspoken critics of the Neymar transfer during the summer yet they tend to forget that they have close ties with Qatar, too. Read more →

Next Stop: Promotion?

Fans of FC Magdeburg can be forgiven to be over the moon this season. They have a reason for being chirpy: the blue and whites from the river Elbe are flying high again this season and look a lot improved compared to the previous two years. The last two years have been nothing but wonderful…

Red Star – Stade Laval

Saturday afternoon at Stade Bauer where Red Star played host to Stade Laval, in the top game of the division, the French National, the third tier of the league system. For the home team the chance to jump Grenoble in top spot. Likewise, Laval could leapfrog the teams ahead of them to get to the…

British Football League

Tony Blair enjoys some popularity of late. He uses this to issue some thoughts about a British Football League which he once had. A few thoughts on that. Read more →

Germany – England September 1987: Football in the Dark Ages

Thirty years ago West Germany were hosting England who had come with a burden to Düsseldorf to play a friendly match: The valley Parade and Heysel tragedies had shed a bad light on English football. The match served as a testing ground for either team to see where they stood a year before the European…