Book Review: The Bones of a Season

Another book review, this time of a novel that does not fit the label crime fiction but has nevertheless a gripping story to tell. This post is about the eBook version of Paul Breen’s latest novel The Bones of a Season. Though football is at the centre of the book, it is merely a background scenery. We can sense Brexit developing.

Football and Fiction; Football as Fiction

The market for football novels has grown just as everything about football has grown in recent years. It is nonetheless difficult to integrate football into a novel and many written offerings were better left unwritten. Ever since the game has become popular in the 1880s there have been different levels of writing. Literary writing, though is a different matter altogether even though the game provides tension that is easily transferable or best fitted into a crime novel. Football is thus a splendid background and offers a parallel for the plot of the story. This is what happens in

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