August 2015 ⋆ An Old International

FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf vs. TSG Neustrelitz Match Report

It is late August and summer is coming to a close. Before another season bows out it bid its final farewell and offered all power left. The temperatures were around 30 degrees, no one really wants to play football in these conditions. Neugersdorf and Neustrelitz made the best of it, however. In this heat, it…

It was one of those days. Magdeburg made the game for most of the 90 minutes. Yet, it was their wastefulness that gave Lichterfelde hope and inevitably, 2 goals. To add insult to injury, the home team were awarded 2 penalties

A Footnote

Paris St. Germain are just a small number in relative terms. Read more →

Football and the Media

Football and media have always had a special relation, a relationship that has undergone several stressful periods and currently is in the midst of re-building. The latest move by Swindon Town speaks of a relationship in break down. Arthur Hopcraft, a distinguished journalist writing for The Observer delivers a telling anecdote about this