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Red Star – US Creteil: Instead of a Match Report

With Red Star starting their season against US Creteil Lusitanos today, there should have been a match report here. Instead something else has to fill this space.

This is for one reason alone: Red Star have betrayed their supporters in the most cruel way possible and have moved to a different stadium. That in itself would not be a problem as there are plenty of beautiful grounds in Paris. No, the club play their home games at the Stade Pierre Brisson in Beauvais. Many tourists to Paris will know this place for its airport. The city of Beauvais is roughly 80km to the North of Paris and thus is not even in the Ile de France. This is a shambles and an example of the attitude of the club direction towards the fans.

Ever since the return to the National, France’s third division in 2011, the club played for time as the Stade de Paris – that’s the official name of Stade Bauer – is at best a ruin, that is slowly falling apart. Not one effort has been made to repair the ground, instead the president spoke about ideas of building anew ground in the dock area of St. Ouen; an idea that has always been refuted by the fans.

Four years later nothing has changed.

Nothing’s changed but the surrounding bullshit, that has grown
Eddie Vedder


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