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Good United, Bad United

Which United is the good one, which is the bad one? Manchester United or FC United of Manchester? One could live without the other. Could the other? A question of perspective and attitude.

This question is wrong. It is as though one would compare apples and pears. Both fruits have similarities. They are both sweet, have a peel and are from the Maloideae family. Comparing Manchester United and FC United of Manchester is a similarly difficult task. In fact, it is almost impossible to answer. On the outside, both clubs offer the same: football, both have a similar name and similar club colours. Though the latter two factors result in FC United being established by fans of Manchester United. Both clubs try to play good football and to win, a characteristic inherent to all football clubs. Likewise, just like Man United want to sell their brand as far and as much as possible, FC United are equally interested to establish a positive image that reflects well in their neighbouring community.

One is surprised however to see the possibility for a match day sponsorship, match ball sponsorship, player sponsorship, newsletter sponsor and the usual perimeter hoardings and other way to support the club. This makes them no different to Manchester United, although many would claim that FC United offers an anti-capitalist kind of football club. That simply is not true. The difference however, is that FC United are intend to spend any surplus revenue in other ways than Man United. The club have declared their responsibility to the community they have their ground in. This is since late May Broadhurst Park in the Moston Area of Manchester.

Our Club, Our Rules

In their club rules, FC United states that

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