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Get the Party started

There was no need to, not today for Red Star have won promotion two weeks ago with a four-nil victory over Istres. This final match against Amiens SC at the Stade Bauer will be icing on the cake.

They have added the league title last week with an incredible last minute turn around away at Frejus St. Raphael:

Résumé Fréjus St Raphaël – Red star par EtoileFSR-TV

Hopes and thoughts have been fixed on this day today. Hope gave way to certainty since March as the team looked comfortably among the top three in this division. Certainty then was substituted by joy after securing promotion including the league title. The prophecy by one of the club’s directors to reach Ligue 2 by 2015 just after Etoile Rouge returned to the third tier of French football proved to be accurate and was only briefly a burden when Red Star buggered around the lower half of the table in the 2011/12 season. Ever since the results improved, climaxing in the return to Ligue 2 this year. However, thoughts were spent as to the future of Stade Bauer a ground that is not fit for the higher echelons of French football. Where to go for home matches? Stade de France? Although the closest option this would be the end of the atmosphere as the stadium is too big, way too big for the newcomers in Ligue 2.

Parc des Princes? Stade Charl

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