TV Review: Virage Nord ⋆ An Old International

TV Review: Virage Nord

Football and fictional television drama rarely go well together. More often than not, the images are too clicheed and the atmosphere is flat to say the least. However, as with all rules there are exceptions. This mini series produced in France and shown on the French-German broadcaster ARTE combines a crime story with a study of the North of France.

The first scene is a football match. A challenge in the box results in a penalty being awarded for the home team RC Arcanville. It seals the victory for RCA; three points in the fight against relegation. RCA must hold the division we learn as the club is the only pride of the town. In a past not covered in the film, the club played in Ligue 1. While the penalty was taken, a young boy, Yourrick is stabbed in the stands. The wound proves fatal and the boy later dies. This triggers of course an investigation.
The initial suspect, Mathilde Perucchi, the younger daughter of RCA

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