Champions League Match Report: Manchester City - Barcelona ⋆ An Old International

Champions League Match Report: Manchester City – Barcelona

Rumours circulated on Monday that the Manchester United Museum and Tour experience had sold out completely over two whole days. Purportedly, this was due to the influx of FC Barcelona supporters into Manchester for the UEFA Champions League game against cross-town rivals Manchester City. This fact will not bother City supporters in the slightest. Match Report and photos by Stuart Howard-Cofield.

City now believe that they are where they belong. A few missteps in the Champions League have led them to this point. And in the fast-paced world of modern elite football, their supporters will be more than happy for United to be treated as a footnote in history: a crumbled empire, struggling to recover its former glories. A relic to be pored over and peered at through glass windows and the newspaper headlines of yesteryear.

Because tonight, FC Barcelona rode in to town to face Manchester City, the Champions of England, for the second time in as many years. If last season

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