The Northwest Passage or Agents of Change in Football ⋆ An Old International

The Northwest Passage or Agents of Change in Football

For centuries, tradesmen have tried to find the shortest way around the globe in order to increase the speed of trade. Initially, trade by sea was done only by ships traveling close to the coast to stay safe as the wide open seas were unknown. With the development of navigating equipment and the search for new sources of incomes and new markets, the pressure grew to discover what lay ‘behind the sea.’ It was this kind of quest that led Christoph Columbus to set out towards the West to find India. It was first crossed in 1903-1906 by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and only since 2009 is it navigable throughout the year. Over the last years, many have tried to challenge Sepp Blatter for presidency of FIFA. Two new groups seeking a fresh attempt.

In recent years, the global football community became increasingly irritated by the egomaniac behaviour and style of leadership among the top brass of FIFA. Recent developments within the governing body of World Football suggest that the apple is rotten at the core.

Team Ginola

There are however, new agents attempting to change FIFA. One of them is Team Ginola, led by David Ginola. His pledge is to get nominated to stand for FIFA president this spring. In order to achieve this, he needs to get chosen by at least 5 national associations. Supported by betting company Paddy Power, fans and supporters can get behind him by tweeting their FA and pledge money for his cause. In order to achieve his goal, he needs to raise as much as

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