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The Ched Evans Affair–Dividends over Morals

There are days that are best described as black. January 7, 2015 was one such day. Not only were ten journalists killed in an unprecedented attack in Paris. On that day news broke that Oldham Athletic FC were about to sign Ched Evans.

As a player he has a fantastic record for Sheffield Wednesday, scoring more than 30 times in one season for the Blades. As a person, he is a criminal. Moreover, he is a convicted criminal, a man convicted for rape, a man who has not shown any sign of remorse.

With this move Oldham have ceased to be a role model, if they ever aspired to be. As a small club it is of much more importance for them to get the local community behind them. It is them who foot a large part of their bill. This must come into serious doubt as fans might be dissuaded to attend matches, buy replica shirts etc. But the real damage is the ideal a club of such nature has for local kids. Can they be persuaded to join this club? A club where the directors or owners seem to have no moral issues in signing a criminal? It is a worrying sign that this thought obviously never entered their minds. Dividends before Morals seems to be the guide line by which these gentlemen live. It is a sad state of affairs and another dent in the credibility of professional football in our times. It will be interesting to witness the fallout from this affair. The opinions are split, at least on twitter.

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