December 2014 ⋆ An Old International

Christmas Killjoy

Christmas is meant to be a time of joy and warmth. The lights spend a warm glow which is reflected with anticipation in children’s eyes. Christmas markets invite to enjoy a mulled wine or indulge in Christmas sweets. The lottery booths are a death trap for parents’ purses and a well for joy for the…

The Year 2014 in the Rearviewmirror

This has been a turbulent year for FC Magdeburg. It was also a very important one. Firstly, history played an big role as the Club remembered the 40th anniversary of their biggest triumph: winning the Cup Winners Cup vs. AC Milan in Rotterdam in 1974. In the previous decades, this trophy proved to be a…

The Man with the Hat

The link between football and pop has not always been the best, particularly in German where Schlager seemed to dominate the PA systems of the Bundesliga grounds between Hamburg and Munich. There are highlights however, that seem worth re-playing decades later. This video is one such example.

Udo Jürgens, who has passed away last Saturday aged 80, sang an ode to Helmut Schön after the German national coach retired from his position. This is German Schlager at its best almost.