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A Stylish Finish

It did not come as a big surprise; in fact it was inevitable: Miroslav Klose has retired from the German national team.

Consistency in Changing Times

Miroslav Klose, who decided that enough is enough and retired from international football, started his career in the Germany shirt during the ‘dark ages’ of German football around the turn of the century. He called it a day when the brand played by ‘Die Mannschaft’ has won admirers worldwide, not just since their triumph in Brazil in July this year but since 2010 when all of a sudden the German national team played football many would not have thought the Germans were able to play: a quick passing game played by young team in which Klose stood out as the eldest player in the squad during the last two major tournaments in 2012 and 2014. He retired at the pinnacle.

The man is an example of the ability to transform, to change and to re-adapt. His early career was marked by pedestrian football that underlined by rustiness and a rather pedestrian brand of football. He retired while Germany have become a role model. Not just for their football but how to re-invent the nation’s favourite pastime. Further, he was the first player born outside Germany to represent the country at a major tournament. This trend of integration has seen players with origins in Tunisia, Turkey, Ghana and even Brazil wear the German shirt since 2004. A remarkable success story of integration.


He was in a class of such luminaries of the penalty area like Gary Lineker, Gerd M

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