One, Two, Three, Four ⋆ An Old International

One, Two, Three, Four

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is history and finished with a final worth the competition. The general opinion is that Germany are worthy winners. It has shed a light on the state of Brazilian football and will enter the history books as one of the better tournaments of our age.

Worthy Winners

The World Cup Final on July 13 2014 was a worthy occasion to conclude the tournament. This years World Cup saw more than 170 goals scored, a mark not reached since 1998. In Germany we have a worthy winner. Not just have they played the best football throughout the tournament, scored the most and conceded the fewest goals, after more than 10 years of rebuilding the structures of the DFB and the Mannschaft, after several semi-final appearances which saw them stumble close to the biggest stage in world football, after heavy criticism was aired towards Jaochim L

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