The Alternative? ⋆ An Old International

The Alternative?

Among the calls for reform of FIFA, there are also calls for an alternative to the behemoth of world football to be established. Well, this already exists for those federations or countries that are not officially recognized by the United Nations or by FIFA.

Short on Alternatives? NO!

The current football event held in Brazil is without a doubt the biggest sport event on this planet. The organization behind it, FIFA is proclaiming that their work is for the world, for the game. While this might sound excessive, its success supports the idea. Moreover, since soccer is regarded as a religion in many regions, one might argue that FIFA is the church and its president is the pope.

Yet, this does not apply to all people. CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations represents minorities, dependencies, stateless peoples and other micro nations that are not recognized by FIFA. As there are more than 5000 ethnic minorities worldwide, CONIFA offers these people a chance to play international football.

#NewHeroes – EP3 – Kurdistan from Syre AB on Vimeo.

Their first World Cup was played out between 1 June and 8 June 2014 in

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