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I Love You All!

The most recent of FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter carried resemblances of the late Erich Mielke, the head of the notorious East German security service, Stasi.

GDR = Gerontocracy and Demented Republic

In November 1989, shortly before the final curtain came on the late GDR in 1989, Erich Mielke, head of the feared and loathed Stasi tried to re-gain the trust of the party and the populace of East Germany. In a speech in the Parliament, the Volkskammer, the people’s chamber, -his first ever appearance as a speaker in the Parliament- Mielke attempted an apology for the actions committed by his organization.

In his speech he repeatedly used the term ‘comrades’ upon which a Member of Parliament reminded him that not all present were ‘comrades.’ What followed has become history. Mielke, who appeared without script, replied:

I love every one, I love all human beings

The chamber reacted with laughter at such grotesque utterances. His time as a Member of Parliament and of the government was terminated 4 days after this speech. His speech, this quote in particular has become symptomatic for the state of the GDR in the second half of the 1980s. A state that was morally bankrupt; after the Third Reich, the GDR was the second German state to be labelled morally corrupt, attempted to convince the people of the country to stay loyal after decades of misanthropic politics.

The late GDR was nothing but a state governed by a clique of demented old men, a gerontocracy.


More recently, one was reminded of Mielke. As would someone expect, it came from Sepp Blatter. At the FIFA congress in

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