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Football Art – Art of Football

Football has penetrated all spheres of life. It has not done so always in the best manner, though. The design of football shirts in the 1980s and 1990s bordered on the ridiculous; as did the haircuts of football players and fans. Thankfully, this has changed for the better. Football fans are now as fashion conscious as those unfortunate ones who do not follow football. A small designing company has re-created some of the game’s greatest moments impressively.

Over the last 150 years football has produced many iconic moments. Unfortunately, only the last 5 decades have been covered widely by television, delivering unforgettable games and images. A range of these have now become available via Art of Football.

The idea came 2 years ago says designer Gabe Cuthbert. He explained that, although no ManCity fan himself, the moment Ag

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