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This post marks the 200th blog entry on An Old International. What began in 2010 with a match report and was initially intended to keep the English language skills fluent and up to date, has now become a well designed blog that may provide some income in the not so distant future. For a change i’ll be using the first person in this post and deliver some insights from the last 3 years and 8 months.


It all began with a match report in September 2010 of PSG vs. Stade Rennes at Parc des Princes. After successfully beginning to write about the Anglo-German love hate relationship at Do Not Mention the War during the 2010 World Cup, this blog just happened to come to life 2 months later and soon became my first love. Writing about soccer is easier than keeping up with the English and the Germans when i was not even living there.

Writing about the beautiful game also provided to be very difficult as finding my place proved difficult. Match reports are good and easily written but they are not all that there is in the football sphere. This blog is witness to that. The day-to-day business of football is difficult to keep up with if you have to earn an income from an ordinary job. It was almost impossible to comment on everything.

Over the course of a year or so, the themes of the blog developed. It was the history of the game as well as cultural aspects. Since i am researching for a PhD this appeared only natural. Luckily, German football appeared to enjoy an unexpected wave of popularity; hence the series on the Bundesliga’s 50 years in 5 brief chapters.

A real niche however, is the history and current state of affairs of East German football. The Oberliga might have been consigned to history, the story still needs to be narrated. And there are topics and themes galore to delve into.

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