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Goals, Goals, Goals

Richard Gutjahr, an articulate German journalist who established his reputation for experimenting with all things online, once summarized the relationship of the Germans and the internet thus: It’s complicated. It is indeed, if one reads the statistics Gutjahr presents. The generation older than 45 years fears that with the internet a general trend to stultify society has commenced. Its’ not just the social anxiety towards the internet, it appears German football also does not embrace new technology.

During a meeting of all executives of Germany’s 36 professional football clubs the introduction of goal line technology such as Hawk Eye as it is used in the Premier League was voted against. The reasons given: too expensive and not technically sound, yet.

No Goal Line Technology in the Bundesliga

This must be seen as a major setback: 9 out of 18 Bundesliga 1 clubs voted with no; 15 of the 18 Bundesliga 2 clubs said no. Most cited the cost of this technolgy. Indeed,

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