March 2014 ⋆ An Old International

Goals, Goals, Goals

Richard Gutjahr, an articulate German journalist who established his reputation for experimenting with all things online, once summarized the relationship of the Germans and the internet thus: It’s complicated. It is indeed, if one reads the statistics Gutjahr presents. The generation older than 45 years fears that with the internet a general trend to stultify society has commenced. Its’ not just the social anxiety towards the internet, it appears German football also does not embrace new technology.

During a meeting of all executives of Germany’s 36 professional football clubs the introduction of goal line technology such as Hawk Eye as it is used in the Premier League was voted against. The reasons given: too expensive and not technically sound, yet. Read more →

How to Assess Strength

Is the German Bundesliga really the strongest league as it is often declared?

40 Years – 7 Tears: Magdeburg Pay double Penalty

It was all set: The champagne in the fridge, the venue for the after match party. The sun was doing her best on this early May weekend. The veterans from Rotterdam 1974 played the warm-up game for the men’s team. Albeit, all this turned out to be premature. The ground, the old Ernst-Grube-Stadion, was decently…

40 Years – 7 Tears: The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1990

1964 – 1974 – 1994 – 2004 – 2014 These 5 dates stand for important dates in the history of FC Magdeburg’s history, one of East Germany’s most popular and successful clubs, before and after 1990. After 1990 with an altered omen. In a series of articles, An Old International recounts the history of ‘The…

France – Holland Match Report

After 2 weeks of Champions League football, the international break provided some interesting insight in the state of the French and Dutch soccer teams at this early stage of the World Cup year. The insights can be summarized very quickly: France seem to have the core of a team that will surprise some while the…