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Magazine Review: The Football Pink #3

A new layout of the blog brings with it a new feature: reviews. Reviews of books and magazines. To start off, the magazine in in question that is being reviewed is issue 3 of The Football Pink edited by Mark Godfrey.

The name of the magazine and the appendant blog date back more than 100 years. In 1865 a paper was published by John Corlett of Kent called The Sporting Times and was printed on pink paper. Soon, every local paper issued a Pink ‘Un on Saturday afternoon delivering results from the races and the afternoon games of the Football League.

Richard Holt, distinguished sports historian at DeMontfort University wrote about the importance of the paper in his seminal work Sport And The British:

On late Saturday afternoons ‘at the corner the kerb is covered with men who stand with their backs to the light, intently reading in a pink newspaper full of poetical reporting and results … Even after radio reporting of results began between the wars, the ‘pink ‘uns’ and ‘green ‘uns’ kept their readers.

For a publication carrying pink in the title, the paper used for printing should be of the same colour; as it is now, the articles are only highlighted in pink. Reading gets somewhat disrupted by the fact that articles start in the lower half of the page, leaving only space for the head line and the teaser for the following article. Final point on the layout is the quality of the front page and the back cover; both can appear better. However, printing costs are not to be underestimated and are certainly a point where one is ready to allow some cuts. Yet, as with food where it is said that one eats with the eyes (first), the same can be said about The Football Pink. The Football Pink is in the middle of a magazine and a fanzine. The magazine part is mostly found on the content side whereas the fanzine expresses itself in the appearance.

The content on the other hand is of high quality and offers a wide range of football writing that can be found these days. While issues 1 & 2 contained about 20 or more long pieces, this most recent issue has ‘only’ 14 but these are very good indeed.

The issue starts off with a comparison between football and food by Greg Johnson, delivering a comparison between Marcelo Bielsa being a ‘star of the molecular gastronomy’ and J

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