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The Pauperisation of Football Writing



We are currently experiencing a paradox in football writing that is unrivalled in the history of the field. Large numbers of writers and bloggers earn next to nothing – if anything at all – from their writing. In the face of the fact that football is floated with money, this issue is somewhat disturbing. A look at the wages of players and managers will verify this claim.

However, money for players is not the issue of this post, rather the lack thereof for those keen on writing and keeping the memory of the greatest and darkest moments in the game alive should be discussed here.

Once more Jonathan Wilson will be quoted here. In the editorial for issue 7 of The Blizzard he stated that

‘We live in a golden age. There has never been so much football journalism of such high standard as there is now. …Everybody can be heard and those who stand out prosper.’

In other words, we are experiencing a democratisation of football writing at every level. This is of course a welcome development as otherwise many talented writers would never get the chance to write about football for a living. Herein lies the crux: earning a living as an independent football writer is almost impossible. Ironically, the reason for the democratization is also the cause of the pauperisation: the arrival of the internet. It has enabled millions of people to create their own website. WordPress, Typepad and Blogspot et. al. deliver the layout

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