Strategic Partnership ⋆ An Old International

Strategic Partnership

Borussia Dortmund have recently announced a partnership with struggling car manufacturer Opel in an attempt to promote the company’s electric cars. Under the slogan, Borussia electrifies Dortmund, 6 cars of Opel’s e-car Ampera have been supplied to the club to raise awareness of future mobility programmes as well as winning important sponsoring partners. Quite who benefits more from this partnership remains to be seen.

Right Direction

The development of sustainable concepts of mobility is certainly a laudable affair and a move in the right direction considering the planet’s raw oil reserves said to be running out. However, the Germans love their cars and the industry duly feeds their demands. Yet, despite the crisis since 2008 a change in mindset is hardly been detectable if present at all.

One of the most affected companies by the crisis was Opel and at a time it was not sure whether the mother company, General Motors, could keep the plants in R

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