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Is it all over now? Thoughts on 8 Goals

The European Cup has produced many memorable matches in its almost 60 years. This year’s semi-finals have the potential to be added to this history. There was a feeling of the end of an era about Bayern’s triumph against Barcelona on Tuesday. For the last 7 years, the Catalans have dominated European football, winning the tournament 3 times (2006, 2009 and 2011). Their arch-rivals, Real Madrid appeared to be the only team capable of challenging them. They have the potential. Albeit, it turned out to be different. Very different.

A Seismic Shift?

The first legs of both Champions League semi-finals however, altered the presumptive domination of teams from the Iberian peninsula somewhat. And both matches did so with aplomb! Not just were Barca taken apart by Bayern, Dortmund followed suit in scoring 4 against Real Madrid, though conceding 1, giving Mourinho’s team a glimpse of hope. These 8 goals nurture the possibility of an all Bundesliga Final at Wembley come May 25.

It would be the first all-German final since 1980 when Borussia M

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