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Lutz Eigendorf: Death of a Traitor?

It is now 30 years since the death of Lutz Eigendorf, one of East Germany’s brightest talents in the late 1970s. His death on March 7, 1983 has never been entirely cleared; to this date there are myths about the involvement of the Stasi, East Germany’s secret police in the car crash that led to his death.

When Lutz Eigendorf’s car crashed late on March 5, 1983 near Braunschweig, it seemed the men of Erich Mielke had done their jobs properly according to the conspiracy theorists who saw his accident as an act of revenge by the Stasi 4 years after he had left the GDR. The truth is, the cause of his accident are not 100% cleared. Yet, the circumstances of Eigendorf’s death still sparks debates about the outreach of the Stasi and its actual impact.

Go West: East German Reality

Lutz Eigendorf was not the first nor was he the last athlete to leave East Germany. Other popular footballers were Falko G

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