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Ostfussball vs. OstDerby

East German football has seen better times, that is a given. Not just has this blog reported about the state and fate of East German football but others have done so, too. Friday, February 15, a new magazine will be launched, Ostderby which has caused some debate even before is has started.

Ostfussball vs. Ostderby?

So far, the bloggosphere has seen only one outlet that covers the whole of East German football: ostfussball.com. The site covers all clubs from the former GDR, highlights their most recent results as well as issues surrounding football such as the Ultra movement, the press image of the clubs and the general football discussion that can be found anywhere. Undoubtedly as a platform that represents such a width of content it is easy to assume that ostfussball are holding a market leading position.

This could change as on February 15 as OstDerby.de will publish the first issue of their e-magazine. The website exists just over a year now and the magazine is planned to have four issues per year. If this goes successfully, the magazine will go print according to editor Michael Kummer. On top of including recent developments among East German football clubs, Ostderby.de will also look at Eastern Europe, thus attempting to cover an area that has not been touched upon in Germany.


Ostderby’s approach is largely historical but surely it would be fatal to ignore current topics; yet there won’t be any match reports there. So far, so similar to ostfussball they are. The main difference however, is the e-magazine that they will offer, which is down-loadable for

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