April 2012 ⋆ An Old International

The Life Span Of A Team

After Tuesday’s Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea, which surprisingly was won by Chelsea after a spirited display at Stamford Bridge in the first leg and a bloody minded performance at the Camp Nou in the return leg, questions have been raised as the life-span of a football team. Particularly after Barcelona’s performance. Three…

Money Matters

Prince once sang otherwise but certainly he has no clue about football, modern football especially where money is the only way to become successful and remain among the top clubs in Europe. This is what Germany’s clubs have in mind after seeing the new deal for the television rights being signed for

Capital Football: Berliner AK 07 – Hertha BSC II 1:1

Berlin, Poststadion. Not far away from Berlin’s shiny new main station, located in Moabit does the Poststadion offer a look back into the old Berlin. A modern athletic track is surrounded by terraces and a stand that have seen better days; worse was the immediate surrounding just behind the ground where there were nothing but…