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Coupe de France: Red Star FC – Olympique Marseille – Preview

Tomorrow will see another encounter of David vs. Goliath when Red Star FC 93 take on Olympique Marseille at the Stade de France in the Coupe de France. Red Star FC, the oldest of the existing football clubs in Paris will feature a player whose career began there and where it is likely to come to an end: Steve Marlet. Between 2003 and 2005 he played over 50 games for Marseille and he is known to English football fans from his time at Fulham 2002-03 while German football fans might remember him from his short stint at VfL Wolfsburg from 2005-06.

Red Star might not be everybody’s favourite considering the opposition but the cup is said to have its own rules and who knows some of the Marseille players might consider this an easy task and before they realize it is a moutain to climb, it is too late. This at least is what Marlet hopes will happen tomorrow, he said in an interview with free paper Metro in Paris.


[typography font=”Crimson Text” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Raymond Domenech to coach a Parisian football club? [/typography]

According to the paper’s website there are reports (metro; the original from Le Figaro) that he wants to return into coaching with ‘a second club’ in Paris. However, he has not pointed out in more detail which club he referred to. Currently, Paris FC would be the second club behind PSG with Red Star occupying a relegation in division 3 possibly not an option. Nothing is certain and it remains to be seen if Domenech is already accepted by the french football public.

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